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Thursday and Friday: Take Action on the City Budget!

San Francisco has the fastest growing gap between the rich and the poor in the country. We are facing an affordability and housing crisis of epic proportions and every day working families are pushed out of the city they call home. And yet our Mayor and some Supervisors want to use MORE of our public resources (resources that could be used to support struggling families) to put MORE police on the street.

Mayor Lee has proposed to use $61.3 million in public resources to fund EIGHT new academy classes for SF police. To put this in perspective, this is equal to the amount of money The City is paying currently to house 6,000 formerly homeless people!

“It is indeed a wild time of contradictions for our beloved San Francisco. We have a booming economy, yet we also have increasing poverty. The City is seeing robust housing production, yet meanwhile a surge in homelessness. New restaurants are opening on many corners, yet hunger is just outside the door. We have soaring numbers of jobs in tech, yet we recently experienced increased drop-out rates for high school students.” — Supervisor John Avalos and Jennifer Friedenbach, Exeutive Director of SF Coalition on Homelessness in an SF Examiner Op-Ed 

The city of San Francisco has enough money to provide the housing, jobs, and safety net services that our communities so desperately need – our city leadership just needs to get its priorities straight! We know that housing, fair wage jobs, and basic services will keep us all safe, not more cops.

This Thursday and Friday SPEAK OUT for housing, services, and immigrant and worker rights, not more police!  


What: Hearing on Police Issues  

When: Thursday, June 18, 2:00pm

Where: SF City Hall, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl. Room 250

Supervisors Mar and Kim are holding hearings about the racist and homophobic texts sent by SF police and the proposed jail rebuild (Agenda here). Our elected officials need to hear from the community loud and clear that we want to see more accountability measures, not more money for SFPD. As our allies at Causa Justa put it “an increase to the SFPD budget neglects under-served working class families. It’s not about HOW MANY police we have, it’s about HOW San Francisco officers police.”  We want to see increased public investments in housing, jobs, community services and worker and immigrant rights, not more police. Come out Thursday and hold our elected officials accountable to representing the true needs and interests of our communities!  


What: Budget Public Hearing

When: Friday June 19th 9am to 4pm (come anytime)

Where: SF City Hall, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl. Room 250

Friday is our chance to make our voices heard on all our budget priorities! Throughout the day, community members will have the opportunity to share their concerns, priorities, ideas, and vision for the SF Budget with the full Board of Supervisors. (Agenda here).

Join us and our allies in the Budget Justice Coalition in making sure our elected officials understand what our communities true priorities are, including $30 million for affordable housing site acquisition and $16 million for critical safety net services for low-income families, seniors, youth and our most vulnerable community members. This is also an opportunity to remind the Board of Supervisors that an increase to the SFPD budget is NOT one of our budget priorities and that the mayor should be focusing on police accountability and addressing the root causes of the problems in our communities, not pumping more money into a broken system of policing.

If you can’t make it Friday, call or email the Board of Supervisors and make your voice heard. Contact info here: The budget committee is Supervisors Farrell, Tang, Mar, Yee and Wiener.

To get Budget Justice stickers and talking points, contact Jennifer Friedenbach at


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Thursday Hearing on Police Issues

Friday SF Budget Public Hearing

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