The Coleman Update • August 28th, 2015  

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An assessment of the 8/25/15 SFUSD update on 
Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution implementation

On August 25th, 2015 at the SFUSD Board of Education (BOE) meeting, Kevin Truitt, Chief of Student, Family & Community Support, along with Thomas Graven, Executive Director, and a number of other staff from the department, walked BOE commissioners and participating audience members through a powerpoint presentation detailing implementation progress and outcomes related to the Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution.

While the district has shown some impressive initiative and progress and we are grateful for the department’s evident enthusiasm, hard work and commitment, we are not seeing implementation of reforms and achievement of outcomes at the pace and level we had expected, especially given that is has now been a full year and a half since the Resolution was passed. Additionally, the implementation and outcomes data that the district has chosen to share with the public is incomplete and lacks the level of detail necessary for a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of progress and challenges and a meaningful understanding and application of lessons learned.

Click here to read our overview of the district’s presentation, including our assessment of the major areas of progress, where we believe the district has fallen short, and how the district can improve its implementation efforts.

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